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please note this is a work in progress, eventually all listed items will have a link to the item online, however the majority of the music projects are available on my facebook fanpage currently.


Pre-Rusty Shackles era:
Antarctic Press Absolute Zero #3-6 (8 pages pencils/inks, each issue of anthology title)
Warrior Nun Areala Black & White #8 (8 page story, pencils)
Loaded #2 (cover)
Sniper & Rook #3 (pin-up)
Modern era:
Action Lab’s Woman Of Action #1 (pin-up)
Awesome Hospital: Diagnosis (pin-up)
The Hard Ones (cover illustration, interior 28 pages pencils/inks)
CBLDF Transmetropolitan artbook (pin-up)
Oni’s Resurrection #8 (8 page story pencils/inks)
Action Lab FCBD Confidential (cover)

1up Presents #1 (cover artwork)

Great Comics That Never Happened series (co-creator, illustrator of the original 17)
Some yearbook article for ComicsAlliance as well as a labcoat shot of the staff
Moviefone – Film Strip (co-creator, illustrator of all 3)
1up feature “Marcus Fenix, Fox McCloud, and Chun-Li Invade Classic Comic ...”
1up feature “Gallery: Games as the Comics That Inspired Them from”
1up feature “Cover Gallery: Box Art from Another Reality from”
Gamespy – assorted artwork featuring the “SpyGuy” for features including Free Agent, 2012 Holiday Buyers Guide
The Rack (“New Rack Swing” pin-up)
War Rocket Ajax (“war rocket” design/illustration, site header, concept and illustrator of original “show posters”)
wave one - wave two
Solomon Stone (pin-up)
Brandon Mendelson – “Social Media Is Bullshit” alternate book cover/website splashpage
Adults Only band (website design)
Adam Warrock (2 site headers, bandcamp header)
Mikal kHill (bandcamp header)
Beefy (bandcamp header)
Tribe One (bandcamp header)
Nerdcore Meow (poster for site, site header)

Binjo Records (panama city, defunct) t-shirt design
Adam Warrock “Work Sucks, Raps Better” shirt design
Mikal kHill “Level 33” shirt design
SuperFly Comics “Free Comic Book Day 2010” shirt design
War Rocket Ajax – “WRA” shirt design
Cherry Lee’s Hair Salon (Dayton, OH) shirt design
Gamer Concepts – “Wizard on a Raptor”, “Dragons Are A Girl’s Best Friend” shirt
Man B Que shirt via Ript Apparel - *UNPAID*

Other – Concept, executive production, coordination and artwork for “
Bowling For Shiva: A Tribute To The League” starring Beefy, featuring production by Vince Vandal, Mikal kHill, Dj Empircal.
Adults Only – “18 To Enter…” complete CD packaging design; “Hotbed of Iniquity” complete CD packaging design.
Adam Warrock – “The War For Infinity” complete CD packaging design; “You Dare To Call That Thing Human?!” packaging arrangement; numerous event posters, handbill designs
Stevie D of Illbotz – Youtube artwork for
“The Best Damn Rappers”
Beefy – Youtube artwork for “Shots”, LP cover for upcoming release (1st quarter 2013), aforementioned “Bowling For Shiva” project.
The Thought Criminals – Assorted event posters, handbill designs, sticker for SXSW 2012 design
Mikal kHill - Assorted event posters, handbill designs, sticker design.
Akira The Don – forthcoming LP cover and rear sleeve (2013)
TribeOne – “Anamanagangsta” LP cover, Forthcoming album (2nd quarter 2013) – complete CD packaging design, event poster
JFX316 – “Don’t Get Killed” LP cover, “Illuminati” LP cover
Nerdcore Now - "VPC vol. 1" LP cover, rear cover
Danny Fantom - "Going Ghost" LP cover
Rush Hour - "Self-Titled" EP cover
DJ Empirical – event poster
Richard Cutright – “JustHis League” promotional poster

Mask design for H.W.A. wrestler G-Force

Logo for Cherry Lee’s Hair Salon (used for various signage/promotional material/branding)
Show poster for Cherry Lee’s Opening Shindig 2009
Man B Que poster for barbershop promo - *UNPAID*
Free Comic Book Day Posters for Super Fly Comics
2010 to current
Assorted advertising design for Panama City News Herald 1999 to 2002
Minor comedic writing for Outlaw Tennis (Hypnotix Games)
Shitload of booby art as Fedx2k sold on ebay.